Roof panels – perfect solutions

Everyone knows perfectly well what are the basic building elements that allow you to build a house or other types of buildings such as a production hall. As it turns out, surprisingly few people are aware of what roof panels are, which in many cases are the basis of the above-mentioned types of buildings. Therefore, it is worth learning a bit about it, so that if you put up the building yourself, you can make a good selection of its individual elements.

Varieties of roof panels

The roof panel is a structural element made of two interconnected sheet metal layers. For this reason, panels of this type are often also referred to as sandwich panels. The key element here, however, is not the sheet metal, but the inner part called the core. It is the core that determines the specific properties of a given model of the roof panel.
Each plate of this type is characterized by quite good resistance to mechanical damage, as well as to adverse weather conditions. It is possible due to the fact that the sheet is covered with special protective preparations, which protect it against cold, strong sun or snow. The key issue, however, is what the core of such a plate will be made of. The market includes models made of:

– mineral wool,
– polystyrene,
– polyurethane.

What are the differences between the different models? First of all, it is important to know that mineral wool provides excellent insulation, but also allows the air to flow freely, so no mold or fungus forms.
On the other hand, the core made of polystyrene contributes to good soundproofing, has very good thermal insulation properties, and is simply cheap and light.
Finally, there is a plate with a core made of polyurethane. In this case, you have a model that gives you excellent protection against high temperature and fire.

Where are roof panels used?

Now that you know what such discs are, it is now worth finding out where they can be used. Many people will probably expect that the main places where such an element is used are various types of production and storage halls. It is true, you can often find panels in such structures, but in addition, they are commonly used in sports halls, cold stores, car workshops or in large-area stores. Not only that, boards of this type are also used more and more often in the construction of single-family houses.

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